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The Complete Guide to Getting Spearfishing Gear

If you love to do some fishing, for sure you have considered doing something as adventurous as spearfishing. For every spearfishing beginner, it is crucial to get everything ready and complete, most especially their spearfishing gear. You can see, however, that a lot of beginners are not so sure what kind of spearfishing gear they should be getting. Good news because this article will get you started on being able to find and buy the right kind of spearfishing gear that you must be able to get.

The place to start looking for these spearfishing gear options that you have will be your dive shop. And yet, some people claim that dive shops are not so keen at providing customers a wide range of spearfishing gear options. If you want better options and having a number of them, then you should consider shopping for spearfishing gear online. Aside from the limitless options, you can also get the best deals of these products and just access them anywhere you may be.

Most spearfishing gear is pricey so it may be impossible for you to be buying all of them all in one go. Though you can always get the cheaper variants, if you want your gear to last a long time and be durable enough underwater, then you should get the more expensive ones.

Dive mask and snorkel: No spearfishing will ever be complete without these two. To see the underwater fish species better, you need a good mask and to be able to breathe in as you scan the water, you should get a snorkel.

Wetsuits and stinger suits: These two clothing options work best as you go spearfishing. To protect and insulate yourself from the sun on your back and from the cold of the water, respectively, this clothing is necessary. You should be able to choose the right wetsuit for you. It should be snug enough to keep you insulated but not too tight to limit your movements. A wetsuit that is camouflage is your best clothing to wear during spearing to make sure that you blend in perfectly and be closer to the fish that you must spear.

Spearfishing fins: For faster swimming, you should be wearing these fins. There are basically two types of spearfishing fin that you can choose from. You can get one that has long blades as they slip onto your foot but be sure to use some socks or booties to avoid blisters. This type of spearfishing fin gives you more thrust as you kick and more power.

Another type of spearfishing fins that you can use are the open back type. You should read some reef boots when you will be using these fins. You will be doing more work using this fin since it is not as long as the other one. Most spearfishing divers will go with one that makes them the most comfortable.

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